Friday, March 23, 2012

nick's appeal

Still no new news it,s in the system being processed, waiting for the not guilty verdict, fingers crossed, hopefully we will hear soon. nick.

Alex - bad news

ok everyone, news just in yesterday, Alex has officially lost his appeal and as been presented with a 38000 euro fine, not good news at all. No news yet about Miot who's hearing was in February and Nicks appeal judgement is up in April. Having just ran a great live stage and sound system in Santa fe, this old dragon story is a major frustration but we must see it through. legal fees just go on and on, so please keep up the great support. A friend of mine, who ought to of known better, asked me at the weekend why we put up our hands as organisers of the dragon. We never did !!. the only place they didn't dig holes was on our land, no where else for the festy except our land, thats how we took the rap. m!ot xx

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nick's court case

The second court case has gone to trial, not good news.
Nick has lost his case, not a lot of info at the moment as he has broken his leg! News is that he may appeal. More news when we get it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One down three to go!

Best news we could have had for the Spring Equinox, traditional time of year the Dragon Festival was held...

Today one of the accused "organisers" who can now be named of course, Skott Aulton received the great news that he has won his case.

The reality is that lawyers' fees still need to be paid and Skott winning his case is no indication that the other three will follow suit because the evidence against each defendant is different, although we're all hoping for the best.

We still need your vital financial support to reach our immediate target, so please keep the donations coming in!

Skott's just back from the Dragoff Festival in Santa Fe. Some pics and news to follow!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fund and blog hits update

Yesterday we had a huge number of hits, more than any other day, reaching nearly 300 visits from a usual daily average of about 20 per day which we're really pleased with anway. This is great, being the week of the Equinox. Today, by lunchtime we're already at 75 visits. This has lead to an increase in donations here and again, we thank those people who have contributed but we're still very short of the immediate target mark of 2000 Euros.

Over the last week we've raised nearly 200 Euros though donations here and a couple of fund raising events. We're chipping away so if you've not donated already, please help!

Please pass this blog address on to your friends and anyone else who you think might be able to help. Think of the bigger picture... free parties, Stonehenge, raves, DIY culture... it needs to be defended!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

2000 Euros immediate target

Over the last year money has been raised through various events. For example, some of the biggest fund raisers were an auction in Orgiva which raised 500 Euros, an Italian food and party night at El Morreon near Orgiva which raised over 1000 Euros. However, adding everything up we're still short of 2000 Euros of the 10,000 Euros in legal fees for the defence (of the four people being prosecuted).

This blog has had over 1,400 visitors in the last 2 months but only a handful of people have put their hands in their pockets and made a donation to directly help those people facing life crippling fines if found guilty. To those that have contributed, we cannot thank you enough for that support.

For those people who ever gone to the Dragon Festival or support free festivals, please please please give something back and donate at least 5 Euros.

We're nearly there on this immediate target!