Friday, February 25, 2011

Stickers now available!

Waterproof vinyl stickers are now available
in the Orgiva area!

Large stickers (210 x 25 mm) are 1 Euro each which goes towards the support fund for the legal costs (and fines if worse comes to the worse) of those being prosecuted as "organisers."

When we have some outlets, we'll post them here, in the meantime, if you're in the Orgiva area, just ask around and you'll fin
d some for sale for sure.

If you're outside of the Orgiva area and would like to download an A4 sheet of stickers ready for printing, click the image below:

But PLEASE, make a donation 5 Euros if you do download and print, these are available to help raise the much needed funds and get the much needed publicity.

If you're able to download and get the stickers printed commercially, please sell them at 1 Euro each for the larger size and donate any money raised using the Donate buttons here.

Again, thank you for your help and support!