Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fund and blog hits update

Yesterday we had a huge number of hits, more than any other day, reaching nearly 300 visits from a usual daily average of about 20 per day which we're really pleased with anway. This is great, being the week of the Equinox. Today, by lunchtime we're already at 75 visits. This has lead to an increase in donations here and again, we thank those people who have contributed but we're still very short of the immediate target mark of 2000 Euros.

Over the last week we've raised nearly 200 Euros though donations here and a couple of fund raising events. We're chipping away so if you've not donated already, please help!

Please pass this blog address on to your friends and anyone else who you think might be able to help. Think of the bigger picture... free parties, Stonehenge, raves, DIY culture... it needs to be defended!